Founder of the Paul Ernst Maschinenfabrik GmbH

ERNST today is one of the technology and market leaders for sheet metal deburring machines as well as for wood- and laquersanding machines for the door and furniture industry. The company located in Eschelbronn near Heidelberg/Germany was founded 1960.

Here a short survey of the main innovations and milestones:


World fist fully modular deburring machine concept ATLAS. By combining single processing steps (modules) ERNST delivers solutions that perfectly fitt customers requirements. But more than that: The machine can grow with the customer - module by module.

Presentation of the new cross-grinding module for the ATLAS line.


ERNST presents a new product line called PLUTO / TITAN for deburring of flame- and plasma-cut parts. Working width from 600 up to 2000mm are available.




Management Buy-In by Martin Freudenberg and Markus Lindörfer.


Presentation of the new EG M/Rotation. This deburring machine delivers an absolutely even and perfect rounded edge.


Development of a grinding machine working from below for heavy parts. Delivery of the first line existing out one bottom and of one top working machine to CaseNewHolland in Fargo.


Presentation of the new EM 5 N II series as well as the new EG 3M II series. Both have proven to be  the number one choice of leading laser-job-shop as well as leading steel service centers.


Development of a machine that can remove the oxid that comes from cutting steel with laser without nitrogen for parts up to 25 mm thick.


Delivery of a veneer sanding machine for line speeds of up to 50m/min.


Foundation of ERNST-Schwitzerland to continue the leadership in the market with over 70 machines that have been sold to Switzerland over the last 20 years.


100% enlargement of the ERNST showroom to now 360 qm (4200 sqft). Almost every day customer make use of this technology and application center to run trials with their own workpieces.


Paul ERNST develops a machine with an automatic tool changer that incorporates one set of brushes for extreme edge rounding as well as one set for edge-breaking and oxid-removal.


The ERNST machines are based on a modular construction kit that allows to built the machines according to the requirement of the single customer.
A wide-belt grinding unit can be incorporated after the deburring unit - for those customers that need to grain-finish the sheet metal surfaces after laser cutting or punching.


Paul ERNST presents the first sanding machine with a touch screen that can be used by any operator intuitional. Sanding results are no more up to the operators skills!


ERNST presents the DUPLEX system. Two isobaric pressure beams in one wide belt unit, working individually and electronically controlled. Innovation price of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg for innovation and exemplary entrepreneurial achievements in new products and technology.


Presentation of a wide-belt unit for wood-sanding with electronically controlled segments.


Invention of the cross-sanding system that exists out of a cross belt in front, followed by single wide-belt units.


The hundreth buffing machine for high-gloss surfaces is beeing build


ERNST starts with sanding machines. The first breakthrough was accomplished with this in-line denibbing machine that was build over 2500 times in the years to come.


Development of a buffing machine for high-gloss surfaces due to the demand of some local furniture manufacturers.