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Precision sheet metal job shops that work with all different types of materials like steel,
SS, Alu, galvanized and vinyl coated find the best choice with the modular ERNST wet
grinding machine series NEPTUN.

The first modul usually is the deburring modul, that deburrs the edges perfectly without grinding all over the surface of the part.

Most often the deburring modul ist followed by a brush modul which is, depending on the brush tools choosen, capable of: rounding the edges, removing oxid on up to 25 mm thick parts and/or creates a nice surface finish.

With the modules "Spin" and "Rotor" it is also possible to apply an absolutely homogeneous and very intense edge rounding.

If it is necessary to grind all over the workpiece surface to create a grain-finish, the modul "grinding belt" can be choosen.