highly flexible
ERNST deburring
unit with 6 mm




steel wire
brushes to
break the edges

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Perfect deburring results are achieved in steel-service-centers using the ERNST Pluto / Titan series.

Robustness and reliability are the most important characteristics in the rough environment of steel-service-centers.

This machine can remove huge amounts of dross and slag and at the same time is capable to compensate up to 6 mm of warpage and thicknes tolerances in the parts. 

After deburring, the edges are unsharpended by steel wire brushes.

If rounding the edges is required, the machine can be equipped with abrasive lamella brushes. A radius of up to 2mm can be achieved with the Rotation-Modul.

For heavy and large parts that are to heavy to flip, a deburring line working from top and bottom
is available.  Parts longer than 450mm can be deburred in a single pass both sides (EG 3M II/U).